PROJECT The Boy Murder

TYPE Film Titles//Poster//DVD Packaging

CLIENT National Film School//IADT


The brief required a title sequence, a promotional poster and DVD packaging for a graduate from The National Fim School.


The film ‘The Boy Murder’ centres around a troubled school boy called Richard who, in the aftermath of a child's suicide, comes into violent conflict with reality. In my title sequence I wanted to explore the idea of the Rorschach and their connection with Richard’s mental state. The sequence brings the Rorschach to life, and creates an unsettling narrative that loosely follows the film’s story, with a reveal at the end. The packaging and poster follow the identity, set by film titles, with a dark, tense visual language. I also created the piece of music to be used with the titles.

2//A Film Titles

2//B Poster

2//C DVD Packaging

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