PROJECT Ramble Application

TYPE Concept//Identity//Motion

CLIENT RSA Heritage Brief 2014


This project was a response to the ‘Heritage by Design’ brief from the RSA, which asked students to ‘design a way for people and communities to better connect to and celebrate heritage.’


We, myself and Andrew Breen, created an app proposal which was designed to allow the user to explore the city through the stories of it’s locals. Rediscover your city or discover a new one, connect with people and places, through the stories everyone wants to tell, with this story tour app. The application is designed with location aware technology and is curated by a knowledgeable team. Within the project we explored user experience and user interface design as well as motion graphics and video editing as part of a promotional piece.

1//A Icon

1//B Screens

1//C App Walkthrough Video

1//D Illustrations

1//E Promotion Video

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